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Summary of Presentation

The Breakdown


With so many drivers distracted by their cell phones it has become vital to raise the level of awareness and educate the public.  Cell phone distracted drivers will cause 1 out of every 4 car crashes to happen today. Texting drivers are 8 times more likely to cause a crash.


With national coverage of Erica's story shows like Oprah Winfrey, Larry King Live, Tyra Banks, and a few others opened the door for us to share our loss in an effort to save lives.


I have spoken for delegates in Washington D.C., Government training groups, Truck driver and transportation companies, Colleges, High schools, Manufacturing companies, Safety conferences, Teen coalitions groups, Statewide bus driver transportation Conferences, State leader DOT conferences and so many more. 

What I Speak About

How cell phones and driving is a deadly combination- Cognitive Distraction

The Statistics of Cell Phone Distracted Driving- up to date stats from NHSTA, NSC,  AAA Foundation, David Strayer (Neuroscientist)

The Science behind the problem-Exploring the risks including hands-free, inattention blindness, the multitasking myths.

The use of technology enhanced vehicles..

Impact of cell phone distracted driving, Personal stories of loss, crash photos, crash videos.

Promote audience involvement

Call to action - ask attendees to sign a personal pledge to change driving habits.

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